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KDW Ferrell

Writer. Author. Thinker. Storyteller.

Welcome to my website. As a professional Author, I aim to create a better understanding of the world and our place in it — a mission which has cast me in many different roles: author, artist, attorney and creative innovator. Read some of my work below, ranging from published articles and books to more informal blog posts.

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Green Typewriter
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About the Author

Storyteller at Heart - I Write to Misbehave.

Green Typewriter

I’ve always been passionate about storytelling, giving voice to the unimaginable. Everyone loves a good story, and I am impressed by the influence stories have on people, the decisions they make in life and the company they keep. I love engaging with the projects I work on, diving headfirst into the research, investigation, and production of stories I feel are worth writing about. I engage my characters in discussions, ask those around me endless questions about what if scenarios and delight in the answers I find when I put pen to paper. I am a curious and proactive Author, interested in preserving the foundations set by classical literature by adapting them to modern themes and trends.

Laptop & Coffee

Winsome Hearstone Mysteries

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Escape From Honor, A Winsome Heartstone Mystery

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"Writing is the geometry of the soul"



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