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  • KDW Ferrell

Putty Peeps Diaries - My Manifesto

I dreamed of laughing, this is how my journey of discovery began. Discovery was my purpose, my end all and be all for this journey. I had no destination in mind, no route to follow and lead me through the security line back home. Nope, I just hopped on the justice trained and yelled “watch out, here I come.“

Fueled by caffeine and guided by a lost Jedi, I reluctantly became involved in life around me. I declared my gender outlaw status and conducted my own social experiment. In fact I still say hello to people on the bathroom, it makes me smile when they seem caught off guard.

I have wandered down the city streets, a sort of homecoming for my morality, and discovered the differences in the human costs borne by a city and the costs of maintaining the appearance of a city. I broke bread with a squirrel and saw the world through blue colored lenses. I witnessed the city doing a poor job of hiding the damage of caring more about blue trees than about people sleeping on the streets.

I discovered binge watching and pondered life and the existential crisis brought about by the show hole. I watched a man in hi early seventies, who can be quite jealous, petty and unpredictable lie to the people about the state of the union. I lamented the fate of a woman in her early seventies, who was labeled as dishonest despite the evidence.

My journey exposed me to many different stories, some I found more objectionable than most. However, not once did I try to change the news, or seek to bar a news agency from reporting on events just because I disagreed with them. It is not fake news if you disagree with the content, that is called a free and open press. It is a protected right. Use your words, it might help in the long run.

What have I learned? I learned I see the world from my own perspective, which is neither right nor wrong. It is my perspective. My Putty Peep perspective. I have acted as a private investigator, taking photos of the world and waiting for someone to say what are you doing.

This journey started off as a sightseeing trip, it was about seeing the world, discovering new frontiers, and having experiences outside my normal tin. I ended up reluctantly becoming involved in larger conversations, commenting on social mores and lamenting about things that are much larger than myself. In the end that has been the journey. Now I just want to say to those people who stand in my way, “move away from the door and let me out.”

I am a gender outlaw, a Peep made of Putty, my eyes are the window to my world and I don’t ever want to go back into hiding.

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