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Putty Peeps Diaries - The Divine Miss M and Bicycle Cabs

What do bicycle cabs and the Divine Miss M have in common? They are both on Broadway, but while one takes you on a ride from Yonkers to an evening of magic the other just takes you away from your destination and your money.

Miss M as Dolly Levi was spectacular, a tour de force and more fun than this little Peep ever thought was possible. It is live theater at its best.

Bicycle cabs are a tourist trap designed to take you for a ride, a very long ride, because they charge by the minute. Each time you say we will just get out here they turn down a street, cut off a bus and drive into oncoming traffic so you can’t get out.

The one good thing about the bicycle cabs is, well nothing. The good thing about Bette as Dolly is, well everything. Watching Bette sing and dance with David Hyde Pierce as Horace was a wonderful evening. It made up for the bicycle ride from hell that cost more than the bicycle.

What did I learn from this experience? Walk away from the Line of bicycle ‘cabs’ and see Bette as Dolly.

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