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  • KDW Ferrell

Putty Peeps Diaries - A Blast of Fresh Air at 30,000 Feet

So this little Peep discovered something new, flying. Or more accurately forcing air over wings and producing lift to keep a large tube with wings in the air. I can only assume that the air necessary to keep the plane aloft is why the temperature inside of the cabin drops precipitously as you near your destination.

You know the drill, after you wait in line, walk down the jetway, get on board, stow your bag and get seated, after you have guzzled your free Ginger ale, the temperature starts to drop in the cabin. It is not a sudden drop, rather it is gradual and insidious. By the time the captain announces you are descending from the clouds to line up for approach at your destination the temperature has reached ice cycle producing levels.

I ask you, why? Why? Why? I have a metal tin that when cooled from the outside, cools dramatically on the inside. I wonder is it too much to ask to keep the temperature in a more moderate zone?

Or is there a reason for this madness? I wonder if the temperature drop is a subtle way of making sure people get off the plane as quickly as possible allowing the ground crew to turn the plane around in just a few minutes. Are the schedules so tight that resorting to New Jersey landlord tactics is the only way to get people off the plane quickly?

I wonder.

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