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  • KDW Ferrell

Putty Peeps Diaries, Can You Feel The Caffeine​

Oh, sweet mystery of life, at last, I have found you! Oh yeah baby, this Putty Peep discovered caffeine today; not just any caffeine. Oh no, this little peep dove into a luscious latte full of creamy, foamy goodness, nestled inside a vat of golden brown liquid nectar. If I had arms I would wave them over my head and dance the mambo. As it is I got so excited my eyes popped out of my head. Literally, my eyes popped out of my head and landed beside me on the fluffy cloud of foam.

Deep breath. Deep, deep breath, can you smell it? There it is just outside your frame of resistance. The color of tanned mocha, flecked with caramel accents and dotted with steamed milk. Inside this cup, where I feel less exposed than outside of my tin, I feel content to lounge about and soak up the caffeine like a cow soaks up vitamin D from the sun.

I may never leave this cup.

What can I do now? What should I do now? Why is my heart racing? Holy crap my eyes popped out of my head. I should be more concerned about that fact. Who knew that caffeine could do that to me. How could I not know, I should have known. I should have realized and stopped myself before I fell in with such a lot. I couldn't have known, could I? This is only the third day of my great adventure. An adventure that has now seen - get it - my eyes pop out. What else will caffeine pull out of me?

What else will caffeine pull out of me?

Oh, sweet mystery of life tell me how I can get my eyes back into my head.

Could it be that being over caffeinated and having my eyes pop out is a metaphor? A figure of speech applied to an object or action that is literally not applicable; am I not applicable. Is that the metaphor? Or is having my eyes pop out of my head because I am over caffeinated the metaphor? How can it be a metaphor if my eyes are sitting beside me? Am I trying to make a statement, throw up a signal, run up a flag, throw out a lifeline (that would be a good thing to have if this latte gets any colder) send a message in a bottle or just say hey look at me from both sides now?

I have no idea.

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