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  • KDW Ferrell

Putty Peeps Diaries, Out of Hiding

My hiding place has been discovered. What on earth will I do now? I have been hiding for so long I am not sure what I should do first. I want to move about, to gain contours on my face that will map the experiences of life, set a brow that can be furrowed in sweet consternation, and grow a mouth that can taste experience and a chin to take on the world.

For the past few hours, after my hiding place had been discovered, I sat idly by while the images of courtly lads and bonny lasses, earls and ladies in waiting, and endless dinners flash across the TV screen. I dreamed of escaping this tin, dreamed of seeing sharks in the ocean, the sun kissing the mountains, different dimensions, Jedi knights, time travel, space - the final frontier. Even now, in the face of blood red moons and cursed Old English births, I dream of laughing.

I am ready for my adventure. Now that my hiding place has been discovered I hope I can see these things.

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