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Putty Peeps Diaries - Ginger Ale, Cheerios and Talking Books

What do these three things have in common? They are three things this Putty Peep discovered are vital to air travel. Yes, vital to traveling without losing your mind.

Let me break it down for you. First, ginger ale helps settle you stomach on the plane. This is especially important after you indulge in an airport cheeseburger, French fries and a root beer.

A word of advice for those of thinking about trying this combo, don’t, seriously don’t do it, opt for a salad instead. If you don’t take my advice then as soon as that metal cart trundles down the aisle ask for ginger ale. Look pathetic enough and they might leave the can.

The second thing I discovered that is vital for air travel is a book. You can read a book but that won’t help with the kid screaming in the back forty or the forty year old dude chatting up the co-ed. Nope invest in noise cancelling headphones and a subscription to Audible.

Listen to a book, any book because it helps pass the time and keeps you from hitting the call button like you are calling for an elevator to get the hell out of the flying tin can. If you download several books you can switch back and forth between the stories and pretend the characters are hoping stories.

The final thing I discovered that is vital to air travel is Cheerios, honey nut to be exact. Don’t worry about the mess or portability, because you eat them at home after you leave the plane.

Now some of you may be asking is this an advertisement? Nope, it is just my own personal plan to combat air travel both in the air and once you get home.

What do you need to combat when you get home? Well provided the ginger ale did its trick your stomach should be settled. What the Cheerios help with us the feeling that you are still in motion.

You know the feeling that you are still moving, your head aches and your shoulders are tensed ready for turbulence or some sort of emergency. The feeling that keeps you from lying down and going to sleep after a long plane ride. The feeling of the air still rushing in your ears, the feeling that you just can’t shake, you know the one. This is where the Cheerios come into play.

Just the act of indulging in a bowl of cereal (any will do if Cheerios is not your thing), sitting down putting spoon to lips, munching on some nutty goodness and then drinking the rest of the milk, all of this will help stop the inner motion.

Trust me it works.

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