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Putty Peeps Diaries - Here is What I Know Today

Here is what I know today. I am happy, I am loved and today, I love myself. Today, and maybe just for today, in spite of or because of everything I know, in all my glory, in every color, and with all of my quirks, I am loved. Today, that is enough.

Quite a powerful statement, huh? Well that is how I woke up this morning. This steel belted marshmallow let go and oozed out of the confines of loneliness and into the well spring of happiness. What was the reason? I just decided to be happy. I decided that for today, I would be happy, I would laugh, I would joke, and I would enjoy all that there is to enjoy. I would celebrate the world with me in it and not be afraid to celebrate me, myself and I. Because of this decision I swear my coffee tasted smoother, my panini tasted richer and my Fritos tasted, well they tasted like they always do, which is delicious. But today they tasted even better because I was happy.

This was my thought experiment. I wondered last night what would happen if I woke up and just decided to be happy. I also wondered what would happen if in making this decision to be happy I also told myself I am loved and that most importantly I love myself. Would this three pronged decision impact my mood? Would I be able to sustain such a powerful triangle? Let me cut to the chase, alleviate the suspense, and stop your wondering mind; hell yes it worked. Seriously, it worked.

I realize my data is one sided and there are no independent observers of my state of mind, but I am pretty good judge of when I am happy and when I am unhappy. As a Putty Peep you must be mindful of what goes on because sometimes you only have eyes to see. So this morning when I woke up and realized I had oozed out of my tin I decided instead of only looking inward and being upset or worrying about drying out I would look outward, go with the flow and be happy. This outward perspective changed my inner perspective and data be damned I was happy all day.

So here is what I know today, I am happy, I am loved and I love myself. You can’t beat that trifecta with a stick.

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