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  • KDW Ferrell

Putty Peeps Diaries - I Don’t Know

JFK file? I don’t know I haven’t read them, but I want to.

Space Aliens? I don’t know I haven’t seen them, but I want to.

State Of Emergency for Opioids? I don’t know I haven’t done them, but ... Okay I don’t want to partake of those drugs but I do want to know what happened between the promise of a national state of emergency to address the Opioid epidemic in August and today when Donny Boy stepped up to the plate and put his money where his mouth is.

What will he do folks, what will he do? My guess is he will huff, he will puff, and he will blow away all funding for treatment, medication and housing assistance and look to revive the Temperance Movement and just have everyone say no to drugs.

Yeah that will work.

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