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Putty Peeps Diaries - Take a Break

Take a break. That was the motto for today. Take a break, recharge the batteries, unwind and just relax. That was the only item on my to do list today. Ironic that my to do list included the items, relax, nap and read a book. I did have practice the Ukulele on the original list, but without substantial fingers that task was too tough so I deleted it.

Why is it that we, as sentient beings, struggle with down time and cannot just relax? Is there a code left over from the days of running from predators? I don’t know, but I do know that I felt the need to cram in as much relaxing activities as I could today.

Funny, now that it is two hours past when I wanted to go to bed I feel a sense of lost for not doing anything today. I did do the dishes, I made soup, I cleaned the kitchen and I tidied up my tin but I did not do anything. Why is that? Is there something about just existing without a plan that is so hard?

I see people on vacation doing it all the time. Well, wait a second, now that I think about it people on vacation are often very busy. They have tickets, and tours, and things to see and do and come back from vacation needing a vacation. Then there are the stay-cations, the holiday at home so you can get all the things done at the house that you cannot find time for while you are working. When do we really relax?

There is no more rocking on the porch, ice tea in hand, listening to the crickets and watching the sun cross the sky. Now there would be too many opportunities for selfies to be able to simply admire a sunset. Forget about sunrise because sleep comes only after beating that really hard level on our favorite game on our iPhone.

So here I am tired and dreaming of sandy beaches, waves lapping on the shore, and a cool drink at my side. What a relaxing image. Too bad that image is usually invaded in the first two minutes by thoughts of what I could do at the beach, what type of restaurants are close to my imaginary beach, and can I swim in the ocean and the pool each day. Even my day dreams are exhausting. Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!

Back to my point, not that I needed one but it did make it to my task list so I need to cross it off. My point is we have to figure out a way to relax without the need to accomplish anything for at least one day. The next time I have a down day, no obligations, no engagements I am going to try and do nothing all day. Wish me luck.

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