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Putty Peeps Diaries - There Has To Be A Reason

Reason, Reasoned, Reasonable, - there has to be a reason why we seek answers. There has to be a reason why we seek meaningful answers. What if there is no reason? What if there is no meaning?

What spurred this train of thought, well, this little Peep discovered binge watching. What did I binge watch? The Leftovers, that’s what. I spent the day ingesting tea, gluten free Ho-hos and a TV show centered on the stories of those left behind after a global event that took 2% of the world’s population. 2% of the world’s population just disappears on the same day. No one knows why because not all sinners were left and not all saints were taken. It is an interesting premise and one that holds true to human behavior.

After watching most of the show, I think the show is less about the departed and more about regrets and the loss of relationships with no rhyme, reason, or remorse. If one just disappears there is nothing to mourn, instead those that are left spend time searching for a reason. Outwardly they ask what happened to the departed when what they really want to know is why not me?

What if there was no reason? What if everyone who departed never existed in the first Place and it was a global delusion? What if it was aliens? What if the Doctor’s Tardis malfunctioned causing a temporal rift? These are surface questions and will never answer the question of what about me.

There has to be a reason, right? If there is no reason then what is the next question?

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