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Putty Peeps Diaries - Ugly Sweaters, Jazz and Some Razzle Dazzle

Who knew ugly sweaters were a thing? Not this little Peep. When I got this postcard for the ugly sweater contest and concert for Safonia I was so excited I had to touch my Elf, pull out my laptop and venture down the online rabbit holes in search of a sweater befitting the occasion. I also found some decorations for my tin and dishwashing soap (hey I can multitask when I shop).

My online travels led me to many different types of ugly sweaters, so many in fact it was hard to pick a winner. And before you ask, my query was “ugly Holiday sweater.” Yep, that is what I used in the handy search bar. My results were fascinating. There are the traditional ugly sweaters with deer, antlers and snowflakes arranged in a random geometric pattern usually reserved for Rorschach ink blot patterns or Methadone Mandalas. There are the blatantly ironic sweaters sporting sleeve tattoos, chest hair and Santa (or reindeer) in compromising positions. There are the sweaters with random pictures of ribbons and bows, baubles and balls decked out with sayings about Ho, Ho, Hos in the vein of Grand Theft Auto. Then there are the theme sweaters with characters as Santa or Elves. For example there was a sweater with Darth Vader as Santa, and another one with Trump as Santa; oh wait that is the same thing. Of course Trump will say he is the best Santa that ever lived, but that is a whole other story.

The number of choices were almost too much for this little Peep to wade through in search of the perfect ugly sweater. Somehow I persevered! Fear not, I purchased not one but two sweaters just in case one looks better with my tin than the other. Not all reds match my skin tone.

Oh, I bet you thought I was going to describe what the sweaters look like? No, no, no if you wanna see you will have to come to the event, no spoilers here!

Even if I don’t win, and that is a remote possibility, it will still be a fun time. There is a jazz band, food and drinks at Dazzle Jazz downtown. Oh and Safonia is performing, what could be better than that? Well let me tell you nothing!

Okay you got me, this is less diary and more shameless plug but I do love me some Safonia. They are a warm cup of cocoa on a frosty day while you sit by the fireplace contemplating how long it will take your neighbor’s kid to shovel your drive for free. Yeah, that good. This mini concert will feature some of their best holiday songs, the full length concert comes in December. This is just a vocal amuse-bouche to whet your appetite for more.

If you have not heard a choir sing since you did time in church or you signed up for the easy A in school then you don’t know Safonia like I know Safonia. This little Peep loves to hear women’s voices throwing out some sweet notes in four part harmony, and when they throw in some body percussion it is like the holiday spirit wrapped in a pastry, dipped in caramel, rolled in good intentions and tied up with cinnamon sticks and good times. Don’t even get me started on the songs performed with bells, I will melt in my tin.

So if you want to see this Peep win the sweater contest, listen to some jazz, take Safonia into your arms and pinch their little cheeks then come to Dazzle Jazz, November 4th at 2:30pm.

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